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Welcome everyone to our blog !


Concerning the blog

Our blog idea was born from a desire to talk about art in its global aspect. We thought of focusing on a single artistic medium, like cinema, but neither of us wanted to limit ourselves.
So we decided that everything related to culture could be treated, without restriction, including art but also what can be related to it: history, myths, etc...

In the same way, we decided not to talk only about Art in its elitist and intellectual form !

 Our goal is to deconstruct preconceived ideas about culture. When something is too well known, common opinion often replaces the thinking we might have.

So we will therefore talk about things as different as video games and literary works, Japanese anime and classical painting, showing that anything can give rise to enriching thougts by getting rid of preconceived ideas !

You will find in our blog different types of articles: presentations, which will aim to introduce a concept, an artist, a work,or a movement…. But also reviews of more or less recent and popular works. And finally, commentary which will deal with different artworks, often very different, and which will establish thematic links between them, in order to encourage general reflection, and to discover new horizons.



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